Winchester MGOC Cobweb Spin

Just two club members travelled east along the M27 at the end of March 2019 to take part in the Winchester MGOC Cobweb Spin which was visiting the Royal Armouries at Fort Nelson near Fareham in Hampshire.Parking for registered cars was on the parade ground inside the 19 acre fortifications – some 80 cars eventually taking part ranging from early TDs, TFs, MGAs, a TY, several Magnettes and a large number of MGBs and GTs through to V8s, an RVA, MGFs, MGTFs and an MG3. With clear blue skies overhead the restored Victorian fort, on top of Portsdown Hill offered panoramic views of the Solent, Portsmouth Harbour, the Isle of Wight and the New Forest. These could all be viewed by those who walked the heavily defended battlements including several housing period cannons. Fort Nelson (named after Admiral Nelson and the location of a monument to the naval hero erected 30 years before Nelson’s Column) is home to part of the Royal Armouries Collection featuring more than 160,000 objects, including a series of galleries housing over 350 guns from early Tudor bronze cannons to the Iraq war supergun. Other buildings display examples of naval cannons and field artillery spanning more than four centuries of warfare and during the day visitors were treated to the firing of a 13inch mortar.