1020 Winter Road Run

Puddles, potholes and prodigious puddings were the order of the day for the 1020 Winter Run on Sunday 10 February 2019. Despite a less than encouraging forecast, many brave club members arrived at Hamworthy Sports Club before setting out on a 40 mile cross-country route devised by David Bailey and George Parrott headed first north and then east across the northern edges of the New Forest finding many narrow country lanes few had driven before. With the rain and clouds lifting, the 26 cars taking part all arrived at the Star Inn at East Tytherley, near Romsey. With every one of the 53 diners settled into our own reserved dining room the staff served up the much needed lunch that included roast beef, roast pork and steak and kidney pie. This was followed by huge portions of fruit crumble and sticky toffee pudding that even Billy Bunter might have struggled to consume. With sunshine finally breaking through, fully replete club members made their way home already anticipating the next outing in April which has hearty food on the menu again with the now annual hog roast.