Cornwall visit

Club members Henry and Aline Larkin were recently invited by friends from Chichester MGOC to join them for a weekend road run to the West Country – but it was only when they had started out that they discovered where their ultimate destination was to be. Henry takes up the story …..

We arrived at the Botany Bay public house before our friends started to arrive from Chichester and while chatting I learned that we were going to a place called Land’s End in a county called Cornwall. After a nice long chat we all set off driving to Padstow – it was quite a long way and was getting dark as we arrived at our overnight stop. On the Saturday morning the 11 of us set off together to Land’s End where we met up with 23 other MG owners who live in Cornwall. Among the cars was one raced by Stirling Moss while another had appeared in films. When we left our new Cornish friends took us the pretty way to St. Ives. It was very pleasant, travelling all round the coast, going slowly through little villages and taking long looks at old tin mines. From St. Ives we drove back to Padstow in time to meet up for a get-together outside a pub. On Sunday we all made our own way home with a planned stop at a motor museum just off the main road. Unfortunately this didn’t happen as we took a wrong turning and ended up in Exeter.