MGF Tech – Replacing Ball Joints

One of the common MOT failure points on MGFs is the ball joints which, over time and use, become compressed and need replacing as they can also increase tyre wear – unless you know what you are doing this can be a complex and daunting prospect.

Starting with the upper front ball joints the first task is to release the steering rack connection and then the brake assembly which then sits neatly on the sub frame while you work on it. You can gain better access by undoing the inner wheel arch cover panel which is normally held in place by two screws.

Having isolated the ball joint you need to knock out the locking tabs to access the top nut on the joint before you can undo it. Next you need to break open the ball joint to release it which allows you to remove the unit while it is still connected to the brake carrier.

HAS recommends, for ease of operation, detaching this whole unit to allow you to work on the joint on a bench with the components securely held in a vice.

The old joint itself (MGFs have the same joint front and rear but they are different on the TF) can then be detached by undoing the large locking nut that holds it in place.

The new joint is then fitted using lock tight solution, remember to install a new locking washer and it can be tightened up to a torque of 105Nm. To secure in place, knock down one side of the locking washer and knock up the other side.

Reassemble the joint and brake hub carrier in reverse order before connecting everything back-up.

On the rear upper joint, you will need to disconnect the anti-roll bar to access the top securing nut and you will need to detach the track rod end by breaking the ball joint and knock out the hub from the drive shaft to gain access.

Repeat the process of removing the old ball joint and installing a new one, remembering the securing washer and using lock tight fluid.

HAS quote an hour to replace each ball joint with the cost including labour and the new component coming out at £79 plus VAT on an MGF. On the MGTF it works out at £79 plus VAT for the front and £67 plus VAT for the rear.