MG Tech – Blocked MGB Air Intake

Ever had that soggy foot situation where water is coming into your MGB?

Well the cause could be a blockage in the air intake outlet pipe which is allowing water to ingress back into the car – as Area Secretary Graham Lowe recently discovered which attending the area event at Cricket St Thomas.

The blockage is usually caused by leaves and other debris collecting in the base of the inlet.

Roger’s remedy is to open up the slot in the rubber bulb after cleaning out the rubbish – this will allow easier exit for the water and any other items.

However, sometimes the metal pipe that connects to the rubber outlet tube is also rusted and corrosion debris can cause the blockage – as was the case for Graham,

The corrosion had also swollen the rubber tube making it difficult to remove from the base of the air intake – unfortunately resolving this usually means removing the heater to obtain access to the intake to install a replacement pipe .

The cost of replacement parts are minimal but it’s knowing where to find the problem in the first place.