MGF Tech – Replacing the Brake Switch

After the perennial favourite of the failed head gasket, one of the next most frequent problems on the MGF is a mis-functioning brake light switch which often exhibits itself with the brake lights staying on for extended periods or illuminating as soon as the ignition is switched on.

The problem is usually rectified by replacing the switch itself which is located on the floor behind the steering wheel column and clips in and out of place.


Early MGFs use a plastic pressure switch, while those built after 2000 use a metal unit.

Brake switch3

It is easier to reach the switch if you remove the plastic panel below the steering wheel.

Brake Switch2

If the problem isn’t the switch itself, it could be excessive movement in the brake petal arm which means that the pressure switch isn’t operating properly and is making an almost permanent connection to the brake lights.

Brake Switch 7

At HAS they have found a simple and quick solution – adding a washer extension to the switch button to compensate for the additional movement in the pedal.

If this fails then the problem could be caused by a poor wiring connection to the brake lights so will need a bit more investigation.

Replacing the switch is a 10-15 minute task and at HAS costs £11.25 plus VAT for the labour. An aftermarket plastic switch costs £7.95 and a metal switch £14.95 plus VAT. From these prices you can deduct the club members 10 per cent discount.