MG Tech – MGF / TF Remote Boot Release

One of the fears of modern MGF and TF owners is accidentally shutting the ignition and door lock keys in the boot.

Because these models have no in-car boot release facility, opening the boot in this situation means either having a spare set of keys to hand or breaking in through a rear light assembly.

Having seen several such incidents, club member John Stringer (himself an MGF owner) set about devising a simple cost effective modification to his own MGF and he is happy to pass on the results of his endeavours.

The parts required (which together cost about £4) can be obtained from any Halfords store or any good cycle shop and are: a Clarks universal brake cable or similar, a brake adjuster bracket, a cable locking nut and a pull/key tag.

Tools required to carry out this modification are: a cable cutter, a 3mm steel drill bit, centre punch and drill, socket set and pliers, tape measure,  a torch, 3-in-1 oil and a protection sheet to cover the boot area.

First, open the boot lid to expose the inside locking mechanism, which is held in place with two bolts, with a plastic protection cover. By removing this plastic cover, the lock and key release mechanism are exposed and by inserting and turning the key you can see the cable release being activated.

Using a torch you can see the cable and its locking stud. This stud is held in position by sitting in a slot on the lever arm, using the key the locking arm is operated and releases the lock that holds the boot lid closed.

Take the brake cable and cut off one of the studs to enable you to remove the outer casing and cut approximate 28 inches (700mm) in length. Feed the brake cable through the cut-to-length outer casing, replacing the cap taken from the discarded piece and place on the other end of the sheaved cable.

At this point place a few drops of light oil on the cable. Feed the sheaved studded end through the right hand side of the boot lock and drop the cable stud along side the existing key lock cable stud and attach together so that both cables will now operate the locking mechanism.

Next use the drill to make a hole in the underside of the boot lid reinforced member and attach the swivelling brake adjuster bracket. Feed the other end of the sheaved cable through the bracket and continue until it is clearly visible in the open grill on the top of the boot lid.

Take this end of the brake cable and feed it through the tag and lock into place by means of the cable-locking nut. When you are satisfied, cut off any surplus brake cable. Lower the boot lid and carefully locate the end tag behind the open grill vent, thus keeping it from view.

Close the boot and test/check the pull cable tag to ensure it releases the boot lock, and the modification to the boot safety release is completed.