Club Night – English Oak Vineyard – presentation and wine tasting by Sarah & Andrew Pharoah

This was a truly unique evening for 1020. A most interesting talk and presentation from Sarah & Andrew. It covered everything from the purchase of the farm, planting the vines, which were purchased from Champagne through the cultivation process and onto the harvest. We were informed that the climate and soil at the vineyard is identical to Champagne but they are not allowed to call their wine by that name, hence English Oak Vineyards Sparkling Wine. They use the traditional method of production, identical in every way to the French method. They have had differing quantities of grapes produced, from 7 tons to a maximum (so far) of 87,5 tons. Following the talk, we were offered a tasting of two wines, one white and one pink. They produce four different wines, each of them being named after a different type of Oak tree. Members were guided through the tasting process by Andrew, who went to great lengths to describe the differences in the wines. After the tasting, members had the opportunity to purchase wine at a discounted price. This was a most enjoyable evening as was proven by the queue of members waiting to buy bottles of their favourite wine.

2 (Large) Roger Leach Рvery early in the queue for his bottle of wine.